Patagonia Argentina Vacation Packages

Vacation Packages in Patagonia Argentina: A Place in the World

At the southern tip of South America there is a vast land where the contrasts amaze us and the warmth of the people is the best weapon against the cold: Patagonia … How do you describe it? What would you visit if you take a Vacation Package to Patagonia Argentina?

• Vacation Packages in the mountains of Patagonia Argentina: As a high wall to the west, the Andean mountains divide Argentina and Chile. The spine Patagonian Andes are extended from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego till Bariloche where it is possible to find landscape of lakes and pine trees, snow in winter and flowers and perfumes in summer. The best vacation packages in this area are Calafate with the Perito Moreno Galcier, treeking in Chalten and Fitz Roiz mountain and Bariloche with its lake district.

Vacation Packages Patagonia Argentina

• Vacation Packages to the east of Patagonia Argentina: In this region you can see the ocean and beaches. If the sea is always changing, here it is even much more. Warm waters off the coast of Northern Patagonia, washed by the sea current from Brazil and the cold waters of the south of San Matias Gulf. The main city in the east of Patagonia is Puerto Madryn which is populated by penguins, whales and dolphins. The whale watching in Peninsula Valdes is the best Vacation Package in the area.

Vacation Packages Patagonia Argentina

• Vacation Packages in central Patagonia. It is a vast plateau in the center of Patagonia Argentina. High steps descending from the Andes to the sea. Most of the surface of Patagonia belongs to this area. Flat and distant horizons, where the eye is sometimes interrupted from time to time by the blue ribbon of green bordered the great rivers and their valleys.

Vacation Packages Patagonia Argentina

• Finally, a corollary to this land of extremes, we find the “End of the World”, Tierra del Fuego where we can find mountains and sea together, as elsewhere in Argentina. Ushuaia, Magellan Strait, Cape Horn, and why not, so near Antarctica, are names that evoke myths, legends and adventures with just pronounce just them. In this land of adventure you can take the best Vacation Packages you can imagine in Patagonia Argentina.

Vacation Package Patagonia Argentina

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