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Find the latest news from the Travel Agency and obtain detailed information on the services that travelers have used in recent times when they visited the main cities in Argentine Patagonia such as Ushuaia the city of the End of the World, El Calafate with the Perito Moreno Glacier, Bariloche with the beautiful forests and Andean lakes and Puerto Madryn with all its maritime nature with the southern right whales and the Penguins of the Punta Tombo Natural Reserve. The passengers of travel agency have left in their comments and reviews their impressions about the hotels they have used in each tourist city and they explain how the attention of the tour guides was during the full-day tours and particularly an overview of the work offered by the travel agency on the tour of Argentina with its travel agents, tour operators and coordinators.

An example of how things can be done very well in Argentina tours

I greet you from my beloved land, Italy, we arrived on a trip from your wonderful country, Argentina with your travel agency and I would like to inform you that as for the Iguazu Falls, simply spectacular, thanking God for that gift for humanity. I think this tourist destination should be more promoted. As for the agency, I rate the services as excellent, the guide, great, and the advisor, very clear in their explanations. I did not want to stop thanking you for your efficiency, your warmth and the good service we received in the main tourist services of Argentina like Puerto Iguazu, Ushuaia, El Calafate, Mendoza and of course Buenos Aires. Everything, absolutely everything, exceeded my expectations: amazing the punctuality of the transfers and the quality and warmth of the transfers, the beautiful cabins with impeccable service and the excursions could be enjoyed to the fullest by the grandmothers (76 and 82 years old) they had fun and got excited together with the grandchildren! From now on we are going to recommend the agency to all of us here and especially to our European friends because you are an example of how things can be done very well in Argentina, with seriousness and commitment and also … be punctual!

Warm Regards,

Gianpetro Capotorto Family 15/08/2020 Lombardia Italy

Pinguins in Patagonia Argentina

The attention of the Travel Agency was first class

In relation to our trip in Argentina, the attention of the Travel Agency was first class, the transfers, the punctuality, everything was fine. El Calafate town with the Perito Moreno Glacier is simply beautiful. Los Alamos hotel, a perfect 5 star hotel with great location close to the center of the town. We also found Ushuaia very nice, everyone was very attentive and punctual. Even domestic airlines behaved well !!

Too bad our holidays are over! We were really very happy with the visit to Argentina, a beautiful country and very friendly people. As for the agents who attended us in Patagonia, excellent both in Calafate and Ushuaia, we really have nothing to complain about. What’s more, I want to prepare a new budget to travel soon to Argentina!

Summing up we greatly appreciate your collaboration in organizing our trip in Patagonia Argentina. We really had a great time and we really enjoyed our stay in such a beautiful natural country. In general, as explained above we rate transfers, accommodation, excursions, etc. as excellent but the attention received by Travel agency was very professional and friendly so we rate it as “perfect”. It also was very helpful the free of charge and courtesy city tour you gave us to visit the best of Buenos Aires and the places of interest.

With Warm regards.

Joseph Dulpino Chicago Illinois US   17/08/2020

Whales Watching in Patagonia Argentina

Perito Moreno Glacier is a unique treasure of the Nature

As for the trip to Patagonia Argentina I would like to inform you that it was fantastic, to be honest I am considering with my wife that it was one of the best trips I made, everything perfectly organized from start to finish, you can be proud and I thank you enormously for the great hospitability I received with my wife. As for the development itself of his complete tour package we booked through your travel agency, we can say what was the best from our point of view: Ushuaia was incredible, I fell in love, and El Calafate, as a town, services and prices, very well too, the Perito Moreno glacier is a unique treasure of the nature. Do not hesitate that I will make you a very good publicity and that I will send you clients.

All in all I didn’t want to escape this opportunity to send you a few words of thanks for the very good service you provided us. I congratulate your company 01Argentina Travel Agency for the good organization throughout the journey we took. Patagonia really is a wonderful place and we had a fantastic time. I congratulate you and I wish you all the best !!!!

Pedro Lanzani Canada 19/08/2020

Bariloche in Patagonia Argentina
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