Ushuaia, the bay overlooking the West

To organize your trip to the end of the world, Ushuaia, this special report will help you see all the attractions in the area. 01Argentina Travel Agency offers tours by plane to the southern tip of Tierra del Fuego, our travel agents know how to recommend you where to stay and what are the tours that you can not miss in Ushuaia.

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The city of Ushuaia is the southernmost in the world. It is located on the shores of the Beagle Channel, at the southern end of Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, surrounded by the Martial Mountains. Its privileged location allows you to enjoy sea, mountains and forests.

Ushuaia’s name comes from the language of the Indians yaghanes or Yamana, its early settlers, and means “bay that penetrates to the west.”

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Ushuaia is a young city. It is considered the founding date of October 12, 1884 when an expedition set up a sub-prefecture Argentina and hoisted the flag for the first time in the bay in front of the Beagle.

However, the area was already populated by some 300 Anglican missionaries from the South American Missionary Society. They built the first houses and catered to evangelize the natives.

For Argentina, Ushuaia became known when the decision was upthere the prison in the early twentieth century.

The Ushuaia Jail is part of the very history of the city and prisoners may also be considered “first settlers”.

The picturesque village suffered a sudden onset of population growth from the 1970s, thanks to a special industrial promotion.

Ushuaia is now a tourist city with international airport and all necessary services. It is also a cruise port and deep water port closest to Antarctica.

Ushuaia is a paradise. It’s the end of the world, and that is something…