El Calafate Vacations

El Calafate: Vacation Packages in the Capital of the Glaciers

El Calafate, a small town located on the border between Santa Cruz and the plateau of the Andes mountain range, is the gateway to take vacation packages including the famous Glacier Perito Moreno. 01Argentina the Travel Agency will offer you all the Calafate Vacation Packages that can be taken there by experts travel agents from 01argentina.com

Calafate Vacation Packages

The vacation Packages in the region begins with this small town in southwestern Santa Cruz Province, on the southern shore of Lago Argentino. Its main industry is tourism which is constantly expanding due to the proximity to the Perito Moreno Glacier.

El Calafate was founded on December 7, 1927, but growth only began after the 40s, with the establishment of Glacier National Park.(Main National Park where you can take the best Vacation Packages and tours in the glaciers)

Vacation Packages in Calafate

El Calafate has all the services necessary to serve a large tourist demand and amazing vacation packages. They range from 5 * hotels international level, through warm and comfortable inns to full service camp grounds that can be tapped during the summer.

Its name comes from a giant bush calafate, in southern Patagonia, which was in one of the oldest houses in town. The caulk has yellow flowers in spring and summer purple fruits. According to tradition, whoever eats this fruit always return to Patagonia!

Calafate Vacation Packages

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