Whale watching

The whale watching is the ideal excursion to be added in a Vacation Package to Puerto Madryn.

The whale watching in Puerto Madryn season runs from May to Mid December. September and October are the best months. The rituals of reproduction are the powerful force that calls for the whales.

Vacation Packages in Puerto Madryn

This wonderful show is repeated and growing every year thanks to the work of various agencies that develop protection of the area.

A sightseeing tour to be added in a Vacation Package in Puerto Madryn

The sighting is carried embarking from Puerto Piramides. Firms approved by the Province do and take all necessary steps so that this activity generates no environmental impact and does not alter the behavior of whales.

Whale Watching

The tour begins along the coast in different directions, and then goes a mile or two offshore, to meet the whales. The first stop is usually in the LoberĂ­a which is perpendicular to Puerto Piramides home to about 2000 whales. The boat trip along the coast can also observe several colonies of cormorants and other sea birds.

Then the boat away from the coast, stop the engines and for a moment there was silence cut only by the sounds mixed penguins, gulls, terns and cormorants. It is a time-out …anyone seen in the distance a large concentration of birds. The boat is approaching and suddenly, when the whole group is attentive, something silver and white jump off the boat, and heard the loud noise of a body hitting the surface of the sea …

It is a moment of euphoria. Everybody shouts, speak several languages, mixed the cries of children … and to complete the party there are always dolphins appear to make their show of acrobatics and jumps freely next to the Whales. This excursion for sure will be the best activity in a vacation Package to Puerto madryn.