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favors_calafate04The best lamb in the world and more…

Those who know say that there have been in La Tablita to say known El Calafate. Besides enjoying the most outstanding dishes of the region, where the best Patagonian lamb eats the world
The Tablita has become a tourist attraction in itself, like Perito Moreno glacier and trekking, visit to estancia Cristina or city tour through the city of El Calafate.

At the entrance to the city, Rosales street number 28, this cult appears to taste, feelings, the good food, the relaxed meeting with friends. Nothing is the same once their doors open.

It is evident that Gonzalo Aguilar and Diego Perez, visionaries and owners of this magical place, are happy with what they do. Just watch them occupied in small details, assigning shifts, preparing the tables, diners advising on the combination of a plate and wine.

Born in 1968, La Tablita has come intact to this day as an undisputed reference and a tradition of this southern town. It is the oldest city grill.

They say that education does not have to look at the tables next door, but La Tablita is impossible not to. At first glance, the colors, smells, exclamations and comments of those present become inevitable.

Tasting a fascinating world

The prosciutto is one of the typical dishes, ideal to initiate us into La Tablita accompanied by some meat or cheese pie with a glass of red wine, merlot or malbec.

Very subtly we asked the waiter what had been asked on the next table and great was the surprise when we learned that there are “the little tongue lamb Creole” and the “cream of pumpkin soup” in this place, two true temptations .

Behind the unique aroma of beef sausage he came to life in a tray that was “to the bottom” as the new environment that was created to increase the capacity of the place without losing the warmth and personalized service provided knows each diner.

The decor and light the place deserve a separate paragraph. Windows, walls, wood, curtains and paintings are part of a harmony that invites you to stay beyond the mind, to do desktop as you can.

Patagonian lamb, undoubtedly the best in the world

Since its founding, he joined La Tablita Manuel Ruiz Villegas in 1973, while he did the same in 1982 his colleague in July Almonacid, both today’s most renowned Southern Patagonia parrilleros.

The specialty of the place is the Patagonian lamb. A corner of the restaurant allows visitors to witness how this delicacy is cooked slowly under the authority of their parrilleros that for decades handled the secrets of cooking and flavor of this particular meat.

Patagonian flavors

Offers various dining options El Calafate: from good regional flavors to European cuisine. Here are some representative examples of this variety.
As the city grows, the gourmet alternatives, betting on the large influx of foreign tourism are diversified, combine the good Patagonian menus with proposals and Mediterranean flavors.

It is no coincidence that most of the restaurants I visited by young chef are targeted. Some natives of Patagonia, Buenos Aires others, all with European experience and courage to show their skills in this southern corner. This makes traditional Patagonian dishes such as lamb, will join new versions, product training and culinary alchemy.

Barricas de Enopio

A typical Southern restaurant that combines an excellent wine cellar with a menu of traditional Patagonian delicacies.

Decorated with wood and stone Andean style, do not miss the jazz or bossa-nova to transform the environment in a warm and friendly place.

Its name refers to the idea that their owners have a restaurant is more than just a place to go eat. In Greek mythology, Enopio was the son of Dionysus, god of wine, and, as such, was fond of sense gratification. That’s the concept behind Enopio barrels.

To begin, we tasted a table of regional smoked and some vegetables on the grill. Main course, the chef made us try crab ravioli and then could not resist enjoy a Patagonian lamb.

A separate chapter deserves the winery that has regional perlite and export, in a letter sommelier seal shows.

Casimiro Bigua

A cozy home atmosphere for this restaurant that combines the Patagonian tastes with good European cuisine, especially Mediterranean. The chef Rodrigo Jordi designed a menu that offers in this southern corner, both an exquisite lamb with calafate as a true risotto, which can also accompany an original and tasty braid salmon, prawns and spinach. A special section for Creole with chopped smoked and pickled, homemade bread with cracklings and humitas in chala. To enjoy something sweet, the calafate semifreddo or chocolate parfait stands out, among other delicacies, along with an Italian coffee Segafredo.

In the wine bar, you can choose from 198 labels of wine and champagne, good and varied boutique wineries as the most classical and popular. Casimiro also has a dispenser of wine by the glass, with the right temperature to accompany a dish or alone.

Open from morning until late at night, with area for smokers and nonsmokers, Casimiro Bigua is a quality option for everyone.

La Tablita

Classic El Calafate, La Tablita grills is one of the best known of the city.

A hot coals no shortage of Patagonian lamb and the best red and white meat. Additionally, you can choose typical regional dishes made with excellent ingredients.

The menu is accompanied by a carefully selected wine list, which highlights the best national wineries.
The large comfortable lounge is ideal for lunch or dinner, both group and family.

Cuestión of Lechuzas

La Lechuza Pizzas, La Lechuza Restaurant and the Lechuzita are part of the same family project that since 2002 has become a classic of the city of El Calafate.

La Lechuza Pizzas offers the best pizzas and empanadas from El Calafate. You can also taste our exquisite homemade pastas, meats to the plate and a wide selection of sandwiches.

La Lechuza Restaurant is a unique space in El Calafate where you can enjoy in a relaxed atmosphere. The aromas, colors and flavors of our exquisite Patagonian cuisine and artisan bakery combined with a wide selection of wines, beers, whiskey and licores.Y, of course, the best coffee and tea recognized worldwide.

The Lechuzita is a unique place detracted and games in El Calafate, where you can enjoy our classic pizzas, pastas, children’s menu, baseball player, Play Station, Nintendo Wii and DVD movies, ice cream parlor, events, birthdays and more. All in one place.

Contact: The Barricas
Av Libertador 1610 (9405) El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina Tel. +54 2902-493414

Contact: Casimiro Bigua
Av Libertador 963 (9405) El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina Tel. +54 2902-492590

Contact: La Tablita
Cnel. Rosales 28 (9405) El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina Tel: +54 2902-491065

Contact: La Lechuza – Pizza a la Piedra
Av. Libertador and May 1 (9405) El Calafate, Santa Cruz, Argentina Tel: +54 2902-491610 Cel: +54 2902-528138

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