Live nature all year in Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn, nature and adventure all year

Surrounded by nature and magic of the sea, Puerto Madryn is known for being a perfect place to be visited at any time of year.
Located on the Argentine Sea in the beautiful Patagonia, the city becomes the gateway to a host of activities full of excitement and adventure.
You can visit the wonderful attractions with different getaways, packages and departures Les Amis Trips are designed for each type of adventure.
For lovers of marine fauna Valdes Peninsula is a great destination to travel. Choose whales every year, between August and November, around Puerto Pyramids to make it one of the best places in the world for whale watching. Penguins, dolphins and sea lions, with great variety of birds, complete the landscape of one of the World Heritages of our country, declared by Unesco.
Considered the Diving Capital of the city and its beaches invite visitors to take trips by the Gulf incredible all year, surprising with its depths both the novice and the expert swimmer, a unique experience.
Science and culture are also part of the activities that can be carried out at this beautiful destination. Ideal for family know, walking the mall and museums, such as the Provincial Museum of Man and the Sea
And finally, for the most exquisite, Les Amis Travel offers them a dream trip aboard a spectacular cruise that crosses the Patagonia and Chilean Fjords 12 splendid nights.

Explore Puerto Madryn

The immense ocean surrounding it, the people and the activities offered make Puerto Madryn in a magical place that you can visit during any season. Here the fort is in the marine fauna, recognized throughout the country and in other countries, consisting of penguins, sea lions and birds, besides the known whales that come to this place between August and November of each year.

There are many alternatives for shore dives either from boats or from beaches. Located on the waterfront of this city, Scuba Duba is a local diving each morning in a small boat carrying many adventurers to the shores of Golfo Nuevo.
Those who love science and culture in general can find a cultural space where you can live the city with all senses. Standing on a cliff that steals the breath, is the beautiful building of Welsh architecture Ecocentro (located just five minutes drive along the boulevard Almirante Brown), a place where you can enjoy photography, art, music and scientific information.
Another place worth a visit, especially for those who want to know everything about everything, is elMuseo Paleontology, located in the city of Trelew, distant about 67 kilometers from Madryn, where the explanations of a guide can discover magnificent data while you appreciate remains dinosaur fossils ever set foot on Patagonian soil.
In addition to the obvious marine wildlife watching in Puerto Madryn you can practice sports, thanks to its location on Golfo Nuevo, such as jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, sailing and many more.
HIKES in 4 × 4 to the Adelantado hill are another option. Where you’ll get to know a place where the sedimentary formation of millions of years preserved fossils of oysters and marine vertebrates.

Puerto Madryn: Amazed with the Whales and fauna of a unique place.

Puerto Madryn – Playa El doradillo
the whale whales a unique experience that attracts tourists from around the world.
Puerto Madryn – Punta Delgada:
You will see these fantastic mammals, elephant seals
Puerto Madryn – Punta Loma:
It is an incredible permanent colony of sea lions of a hair.
Puerto Madryn – Peninsula Valdes Nature Reserve:
A place that captivates with its nature and various species of birds. Near Puerto Madryn is this reserve which in 1999 was declared World Heritage Site by Unesco.

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