Winter postcards in Patagonia Argentina

Winter in patagoniaThe main features of the Patagonian climate are short fall and spring, and long winters. High temperature range between summer and winter, and also marked temperature difference between day and night.

The average winter temperature is -2 ° C and maximum summer can reach 40 ° C in the Upper Black River Valley and Neuquén. In Tierra del Fuego the thermometer reaches 30 degrees.

The Andean Patagonia is humid, rainfall exceeds 2000 mm per year and to the east is increasingly drying up the Atlantic zone, where the average annual rainfall is only 200mm.

In Tierra del Fuego, the rain gauge recorded about 800mm annually.

To travel safely and enjoy the Patagonian landscape, the snow lovers.
South American territory, is the amazing Patagonia Argentina. The southern region of argento floor, is recognized internationally for its dramatic scenery, its famous resorts and luxurious hotel proposal. In the provinces of Neuquen, Chubut, Santa Cruz and Tierra del Fuego you can find natural wonders to visit and live in them the most exciting adventures.
The attraction of this large region is enhanced during the winter period. The arrival of low temperatures and heavy snowfall is highly positive for tourism in various southern cities. Product of the frequent snowfalls the hills are covered in a white flawless, attracting athletes and tourists from around the world. Fans skiing, snowboarding, sledding and other winter sports are invited from all corners of the country and the world. Chapelco, Cerro Castor, Cerro Catedral and Cerro Bayo: in Patagonia several ski resorts considered the most important in Latin America are located.

San Martin de los Andes, a city in the province of Neuquen, is one of the most preferred destinations by tourists by renowned Cerro Chapelco and incredible ski resort. Something similar happens with the Cerro Castor and the southernmost city of Ushuaia. San Carlos de Bariloche is invaded throughout the year, mainly in winter, numbers of young people who choose it as a destination for their graduation trip. The cathedral was full of snow and thousands of tourists come to him to practice their favorite sports. It also offers excursions to Cerro Otto (whose summit is the famous rotating cafeteria), the belfry, to Victoria Island and Myrtle Forest, Lake Nahuel Huapi among others. It is one of the busiest cities in Patagonia.
In the city of Calafate, winter creates a magical and amazing skating rink frozen Redonda Bay. Locals and tourists attend admire this sudden natural phenomenon, while preparing their skates to glide over the frozen surface. The town of Puerto Madryn has an incredible attraction from June, extending to December; whale season. During this period excursions allow deep into the choppy waters of the Argentine Sea to enjoy an unforgettable show. The southern right whale make their appearances and shown to the public that desperately wants to photograph. An amazing spectacle that does not occur in many parts of the world.
In addition to the sporting activities that each city provides its high hills, there is an unforgettable gastronomic experience for the winter period. In all previously mentioned cities, there are numerous tea houses and cafes prepared to provide the most delicious and refreshing snacks to pass the cold. Big bowls of coffee or chocolate, accompanied by exquisite alfajores, pieces of cake, pastries, sweets and others, are ideal to indulge in a cold winter afternoon after traveling some snow point.
Needless to say that the arrival of the snow completely changes the Patagonian zip, making a white landscape of dreams. Winter adds a special touch to every corner of southern Argentina, making them cozy, attractive and unforgettable.

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