The National Snow Festival of Bariloche has started yesterday

The mayor of Bariloche, Omar Goye officially opened the National Snow Festival XLII. In a classic winter afternoon, starring the rain, the hill Cathedral was the epicenter of the opening ceremony of this traditional event. Many tourits arrived in Bariloche to enjoy of this Festival and take a Vacation Package including Snow activities in Bariloche.

Vacation Packages in BarilocheThe winter sports center largest in South America was the location in Bariloche to start the XLII edition of the National Snow Festival.
In this framework, the mayor expressed his pride Goye be inaugurating this festival, saying “I remember when very young was made the first party and has grown each year. At first it was a festival local virtually, of course we want from the city government to continue to be the main party of barilochenses, but also as a national holiday that is representing all Argentines and foreigners who visit us in this paradise God has given us for our chosen place to live, or were born in Bariloche. So through my mind many memories of the various national holidays, at some point, within the School and Youth Club Andino barilochenses there many generations were part of this event, it has to be everyone. We thank all those who helped and especially the Bicentennial Executive Unit from the national government to help carry out this National Day of Snow “.

Vacation Packages in Bariloche with tons of Snow!!
Thus, the village headman left XLII Party officially opened the National Snow in both programming was scheduled today the traditional torchlight parade and fireworks, both activities were postponed and will take place in their own time but in the morning session, ie at 19.30 and 20.15 hours, respectively, due to the heavy rain that occurred during the day today at the base of the hill. As also happens with the show that will be invited bands from 1545 with “Anita Alvarez Toledo” and Moncada’s Hotline – Funk / Hip Hop de Bariloche.
On another note, during the first day of the feast, the candidates for National Snow Queen toured the winter sports center with queens from across the country.

The mayor was accompanied Goye this opening ceremony, by: the Minister of Tourism, Angel Rovira Bosch, the deputy National Larraburu Silvina Garcia, Marcos Catalan legislator and Tourism Minister, Fabian Szewczuk, including local authorities, councilors, Court Controller, provincial and national authorities.
Below is the schedule of activities reiterates the hill Cathedral and the city center for the day tomorrow:

Friday August 17:
Panamericano Hotel
14.00 – National Competition and International Classic Cocktail Competition Bariloche and Cakes

Cerro Catedral:
15.45 “Anita Alvarez Toledo”
16:30 – Band Moncada’s Hotline – Funk / Hip Hop de Bariloche

Disco By Pass:
17:00 – Parade and Contest Pullover with more Queens Candidates invited.

Civic Center:
17: 00 – Show local folk bands


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