Patagonia Argentina wants to innovate in their promotion of vacation packages

In its effort to renew and improve the channels of contact with different target audiences, at its last meeting of Steering Committee, the Official Tourism Entity defined Patagonia Argentina seeking new ways to spread their destinations and tourism products like vacation packages, full day excursions and tours to main attractions of Patagonia Argentina.

Vacation Packages Patagonia Argentina

Best promotion of vacation packages in Patagonia Argentina:

In terms of actions sought to professionals synergize efforts with tour operators who operate the Program Airlines Vacations, from cooperative work with them, so as to enhance this action is being done jointly by the Mintur, Aerolineas Argentinas The provinces and tour operators, an initial learning of a sector that is maturing and wants a further development to their destinations. The aim is to promote the Patagonia Show – an event that was successfully performed in 2011 – aimed at operators and travel agents in major source markets for national Patagonia, from business meetings, trainings and fam tours.
In order to reach the public end, the Patagonian provinces are working together with the Mintur in defining a series of promotional activities that are reaching out directly to potential visitors of Patagonia from mass media advertising, marketing actions social networking, interventions in public spaces, among others. Thus Expo Patagonia converts its traditional format in an innovative trade show promotional strategy that will include specific actions for both the professional public to end public and covering a greater number of markets in its promotion.
In this regard, the President of Ente Patagonia, Caldart Sebastian said: “The Ministry of Tourism proposal to work together with Aerolineas Argentinas and a set of tour operators like 01Argentina Travel Agency in developing Airlines Travel Program, led us also to rethink the scheme of promotion we were taking place from the axis by Ente primarily in a traditional fair in one market as it was Buenos Aires, and thus matured an idea that we were having on the breast of the Board of the Entity that was going to find our potential tourists where they are, in their cities, their squares, commercial centers, generating specific actions for specific market segments that demand the destinies of Patagonia. ”

Marketing plan 2012 for Vacation Packages in Patagonia Argentina:

“So we decided to take the opportunity provided by the Program Airlines Vacations – continued Caldart – to make an action designed exclusively to operators who marketed this program, from training to all our destinations, business rounds for our receptive to generate a greater variety of packages that can be traded under this network, and fam tours for sellers of our destinations can have a thorough knowledge of our products. ” In terms of actions aimed at the public end, the official said that “we will strengthen our presence in the FIT and Technopolis for not neglecting the public attending the fairs, and also make promotional and advertising in our core markets, d cities such as Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Rosario and the whole area of livestock farming in the Province of Buenos Aires, in order to generate a direct contact with our customers. ”
Finally, Caldart said: “We realize that with the implementation of the schedule of holidays in Argentina and with the emergence of social networks, the behavior of our visitors has changed dramatically and so we are forced to change also the way we communicate with them and the means we use for that purpose, and under this new scheme we have found to show Patagonia we will be able to generate more real contact with our target audience, a greater number of markets, and at lower cost. “

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