Tourist information of El Calafate

Travel information of El Calafate Patagonia Argentina

Visit Calafate in Patagonia Argentina

The city of El Calafate by its proximity to the Perito Moreno Glacier, has become the most important tourist center of Santa Cruz Province and one of the most visited destination of Argentina for international tourism.
El Calafate is located on the southern shore of Lake Argentino, 2,750 km from the city of Buenos Aires, 315 km from Rio Gallegos, capital of the province of Santa Cruz and 80 km from the entrance to Glacier National Park.
The city was founded in late 1927 as El Calafate, and it received the name of a bush of the area that is uses to prepare sweets and artisan spirits.
In 1938, was created the National Park Los Glaciares, the people began to visit the National Park in order to enjoy the incomparable feeling of seeing the Perito Moreno Glacier. This city has all the necessary infrastructure in Hospitality, Catering and other services for visitors to enjoy during their stay.

Things to do in Calafate:

Visit Perito Moreno Glacier

Once you are in Calafate Patagonia Argentina you can visit the following tourist attractions:

Glacier National Park
The Glacier National Park was created in 1938 with the aim of preserving the ice sheets and glaciers, Patagonian Andean forest and part of the Patagonian steppe.

Perito Moreno Glacier
The Perito Moreno Glacier is the reason why the city of El Calafate has become one of the most visited destinations of Argentina, it is part of Glacier National Park, created to preserve the ice sheets, the forest Andean-Patagonian and part of the Patagonian steppe.

Roca Lake
Roca Lake is located 52 kilometers from the city of El Calafate in the Los Glaciares National Park in the province of Santa Cruz.

Historical Interpretation Center
The Historical Interpretation Center of Calafate was inaugurated in 2003, the sample covers thousands of years of history through photographs, films, prints, sound and other media stories.

Regional Museum
Where formerly worked the Development Commission of El Calafate, is currently the Regional Museum. It is located on Avenida San Martin between the streets and Coronel Rosales Rio Gallegos.

Laguna Nimez
It is ideal for a short walk. Just 1 km from the center of El Calafate is the Laguna Nimez with Municipal Ecological Reserve, where you can observe a variety of bird species.

Caves Walichu
This pre historic site known as Walichu Caves is 8 km from El Calafate, on the shores of Lake Argentino. Access is via Provincial Highway No. 11.

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